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September 26, 2013
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Chapter 5: Petra's discovery

You woke up still grinning at the feeling of contentment from the night before. Looking at the clock beside you notice that you had woken up half an hour before. Your grin expanded almost as if reaching for your ears. You jumped out of bed decided to wash your hair after all you sweated a lot more with the wig on so you had to wash it every other day.

You undressed your self, taking off the bandages and the wig off. The reason for which you even had to sleep with them was that once Eren and Jean entered your room and almost discovered you. You blushed at the memory, slapping your cheeks lightly you walked now naked to the bathroom.

Turning the water on you felt your muscles relax and all the stress that had been accumulated just left. As you closed your eyes you reached for your favorite shampoo; Vanilla scented. Most of the time you had to use men shampoo but something told you this would be a good day for which you decided to use this one for once in a lifetime.

Massaging your scalp you sighed in contentment. Oh how you loved this kind of days. You put your arms on your shoulders moving you head in circles to soothe the muscles to further relaxation. Humming a tone your mother used to sing to you when she was alive.

You loved that song although you long ago forgot its lyrics.  You still remembered your mother’s sweet voice singing it to you while gently combing your hair, you missed her and smiled sadly at her memory. She was always sweet and gentle but had strong personality, she was your hero. Even if she wasn’t here with you, you knew she was taking care of you and watching out for you. You could sometimes feel her presence telling you what’s right and what’s wrong. A tear escaped your eye put you quickly shoved it away and finished washing your hair.

You grabbed a towel, wrapping it around your self and then tying your hair into a  messy bun you stepped out of the bathroom still humming the song. You had closed your eyes  and hadn’t noticed that there were people in your room.

With your eyes still closed you walked to your bed, your room was small enough for you to remember where everything was. As you made your way to your bed a small clearing of throat made you open your eyes.

Inside your room was Petra who was blushing at the sight of you in just a small towel. Your face exploded and could easily be confused by a tomato. You looked at her not knowing how to react or what to say. She noticed your stare and looked down while exclaiming.

”I’m so sorry! I-I thought t-that this was someone else’s room!”

And made a fast dash towards the door but as she did so she fell face on the floor, you acting on instinct ran to her helping her up.

“Are you ok?”

You asked her while she was un-dusting her uniform.  She looked up at you and smiled nervously before saying.

“Yes thank you”

You smiled at her, if you had to admire someone in the Recons Corps that would be Petra of course not counting Levi. She was a hope for woman, she had made it to the Levi Squad, which were only the best of the best. Then you remembered that you were now also in the same squad that made your heart want to sing.

She sat up looking at you like if trying to figure something out and you wonder what it was so you decided to ask her if there was something wrong.

“Is something wrong?”

You asked curiously she still frowned like a child not understanding an adults discussion. This made one of your eyebrows move upwards not understanding her expression. She then blushed once again and looked away.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen you before…”

we’ve talked before’ You thought, maybe she didn’t remember you still with your eyebrow raised you answered.

”You probably don’t remember me… But we have talked before…”

She looked at you surprised, she honestly didn’t remember you but she thought you oddly resembled they new member of the Levi Squad but most of all she thought you resembled someone else… Someone famous or important. She then looked at you apologetically.

“I’m sorry…”

She apologized once more.

“But I honestly can’t remember you…”

You smiled at her, you really weren’t expecting someone like her to remember an odd cadet like you, so you decided to introduce yourself.

“It’s ok, I didn’t expect you to. My name is (boy name) and I’ll be joining your squad today”

You smiled at her completely forgetting you were a girl at that moment. You smiled at her closing your eyes not catching her shocked expression. You extended a hand. She was sitting on the floor and you were grouched beside her. She took your hand, shaking it slowly. You opened your eyes while she still held your hand.

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t know you were a girl… I do remember you…”

She said softly embarrassment filling her voice. Wait… She said that you were a girl. Looking down at yourself and looking at your watermelons free just covered with a towel, bringing upwards your left arm to touch your still wet hair in a bun. Your eyes widen and heart accelerated. You had been discovered.

You had completely forgotten you hadn’t arranged your appearance to look like a guy. You screwed up, now you would have to go back to the palace and  all your hard work would go to waste. Tears filled your eyes, why was it that you had to screw up everything? Dammit! You cursed a thousand times. The only option left was; Killing her (which by the way wasn’t even a option) or begging her to stay quite. You obviously chose the later one.

She was smiling awkwardly waiting for your reacting while still trying to put her finger on who did you remind her of. You pulled her a little to hard and grabbed her hand with both of yours. She looked a little scared of what you would do. But you ignored it and looked at her in the eyes.

”Please, please don’t say anything about it!”

You pleaded while hot tears spilled down your red cheeks. She didn’t really understood what were you talking about and you crying made her nervous, she was never good in this type of situations were somebody would cry.

“I don’t really understand…”

She said with that same tone apologetically. She felt like an airhead. More tears spilled down your face.

“That I’m a girl”

She looked at you shocked. You closed your eyes waiting for an answer. She took your hand and kneeled. Gently pressing her right palm on your head, which made you open your eyes and looking at her smile made your worries subside.

“Why would you like to hide that? You’re beautiful. Plus being a woman is awesome!”

That made you chuckle, she hadn’t recognized you, well it had been at least four years since you ran away. People would obviously not recognize you that easily, this made you less anxious. She smiled at you.

“I know that being a girl is bad ass… But that’s not why I’m hiding it…”

You said slowly looking at the floor. You would have to confess everything to her, you were sure of it… Well at least you would need you to give her a good enough reason to keep the secret. You looked up at her expecting eyes. You sighed and blinked a few times untangling your eyelashes. You had stopped crying.

”May I know why, it’s ok if you don’t want be too… I mean I’ll still keep the secret”

That made you smile, she would still keep your secret even if you didn’t give her a reason, maybe you could trust her. Plus you would earn a girl friend! The only girl friends you had were basically Mikasa and she didn’t really count as a girl… So having Petra as a friend wouldn’t be a bad idea.

She smiled back at you as she sat down on the wooden floor. You sat down too seeing as your legs were starting to hurt form the position you were in.

”I’m the missing princess”

You said seriously, you watched as her eyes widen and mouth hanged open while she pointed at you.

“Y-you are… w-wait!!! I-I…”

You chuckled expecting as much. You were even thought dead and well having you in front while talking easy-going and wearing a towel… Well lets just say it was surreal. Nobody would have imagined finding you like this or talking to you in this way. She stood up and bowed her head. You stood up sighing, you also expected this.

“Your majesty! Please forgive me!”

That was why she find you so familiar, you looked like the long lost princess, well you were technically the princess. You walked closer to her and leaned down taking her face in your hands and bringing her up. You didn’t want to be treated as a royal.

“Please don’t call me that. Just think of me as a normal Cadet.”

You said smiling at her, she blushed at your humility.

“But-but your majesty!”

You looked at her still smiling and ordered.

“Well if you oh so demand for me to be treated as such then I princess (y/n) command you to treat me like a normal person”

You said almost singing it. She looked at you and smiled, she would have never guessed that she would become friends with the princess.

A knock on the door made you both remember Rivaille and the others were waiting for you.

”(Boy name)!”

An angry voice roared at the other side of the door and you knew exactly who it belonged to.

Dammit!’ You cursed and ran for the bathroom taking with you your uniform. As you closed the bathroom door the bedroom door was pushed open and a loud noise was heard as it collided with the wall.

“You can’t hide form me!”

Exclaimed a very angry dwarf. You chuckled while changing into your uniform.
:bulletblack: Chapter 1 -…
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:bulletblack: Chapter 6 -…

This is so long! I took almost forever to write but I did it!! LOLZ :iconpervyregiplz: Thank you for all your support and comments!!! I laugh so much reading them, they give me the energy and motivation I need to write the next chapter~ :iconletmehugyouplz:

Oh weeeeeeeell so now your friends with petra... I kidda wished it was Levi in the room :iconteheplz:
Can you imagine what he would do~? :iconpervyregiplz:

Remember to vote if you want this story to have a SEMI lemon~
Yes (11) 8D perverts on the sight
No (5) Fluffy fluffy story~

Words: 1760
Story/Idea- ~regicarbonell
SnK- If it was mine Levi would be locked up in my basement
Nop, you are not allowed to use this idea/story in any kind of from :stare:
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